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May 19, 2011
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WPN: Kei Haiden by AltheaTsuru WPN: Kei Haiden by AltheaTsuru
Name: Kei Haiden
Age: 16
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 94 lbs
Puella Group: Elsa Maria
Job: Student
Weapon: Swords- She wields multiple swords as her weapon
- The 3 small crystal on the hilt can be detached and thrown/controlled slthough their attack power is less, it is more unpredictable
-The more swords she summons, the more it dirties her soul gem
- She has a unique weapon which can break down into several parts, the crystals at the end are detachable, the main blade of the sword itself is detachable and each part can be summoned individually. This means that she can use one part of the sword in battles eg. the small crystals at the end, this means that since they are smaller, it dirties her soul gem less depending on the amount summoned
Wish: "I wish for anyone to just help us, I don't care if I'm seperated from my family, I'll pay anything to get out of this."
Personality: Kei is a silent girl who rarely shows her emotions. Around friends, she can be cheerful and talk more but usually prefers not to speak too much. She has a warm personality, her looks give her a friendly impression at first. She is not social to an extent and is afraid of making new friends, thinking of their well-being. Because of her backstory, she is unable to trust someone fully but has potential.
If you offend her or is mean to her, she will backstab you with the worst words and best comebacks possible and bear a solemn grudge to you forever, even if you apologise. She daydreams very often and this leads to her lazy attitude. She does things only if she feels like it/has to do it or wants to do it.
She is experienced and careful but she prefers to work alone but doesn't mind working in groups. Although it's hard to get her of her butt some/most days, when she does a task, she does it well and completes it thoroughly. She concentrates on work and is extremely reluctant to make sacrifices. She has a strong personality but can be cold sometimes.
Likes: Rain, chocolate, orbs, crytals and shiny items, ice-cream and tulips
Dislikes: Curry, hot things, vegetables, milk
Kei was the oldest of 3 siblings. Her mother and father were often out at work and struggled to look after the kids
whilst working, leaving Kei with the responsibility when she came back from school. She had to do small jobs like
baby-sitting others kids on top of her siblings in order to help pay for her school fees.
At the age of 11, both her parents were forced out of their jobs and were deprived of all belongings and home.
Kei's mother claimed to leave on a short search for a job, taking with her what was left of the savings, however,
she never appeared again and threw then entire family into desperation.
A disease spead to the make-shift shelter where Kei and her family were staying. He father and the youngest sibling
we affected and were on the verge of death when kyubey appeared.
Kyubey claimed that in exchange for becomeing a mahou shoujo, it would grant any wish she wanted. At the time,
Kei wanted nothing more than for someone to help them, to get them out of the condition they were living in.
The wish she made was selfish and poorly considered. But the next day, her father won a lottery and was offered
a new job in a famous company. Her brother and dad's sickness had been heal, but by then, Kei had already
been wiped from their memories. Kyubey later explained to her that she told it that she would even bear being
seperated from her family, as long as they were safe; due to this, he granted that part of the wish too simply
stating: It's a dangerous job for someone young like you but it's better if no one misses you if you never return.
Kei deeply regretted her decision by then but fought the witches anyway. She thinks that if she fights hard
enough, she'll be able to see her family again. Kei knows it was an impossible dream but without it, she would have
lost evey will to fight and let herself be consumed by grief.
Everytime another puella attempts to talk to her, she feels a pang of shame and guilt, almost self-pity too because
it reminds her of her wish; therefore, she tries to keep little, to no contact with others, should the same thing happen
to her again, and if it did, she feels she may not be able to keep up.

Additional: To her few friends, Kei is a completely different person. (Befriend her and find out XD)

Her BFFL is:
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